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Packing Tooth Scrapers

This tool is used to reestablish taper edges on steam packing. The angle on the cutting tips is the same as the angle on the packing. If a different angle is desired, the tips can be removed for grinding. The scraper has an adjusting screw in the adaptor that holds the cutting bits for setting the tip height.

Packing Tooth Scraper

Indicator Chain Clamp Sets

Provides fast and simple shafts or couplings for checking alignment.
Set includes: 24 chain and 3 extension rods

Indicator Chain Clamp

Slugging Wrenches

Special heavy-duty 12pt slugging wrenches sizes from 5/8" - 1 1/4" for frame 7 FA & FE GE gas turbines. For other GE turbine tools, click HERE

12 Point Slugging Wrench

Adaptor Sleeves

Adaptors for 1" F x 1 1/2" M Drives OR 1 1/2" F x 2 1/2" M Drive

Adaptor Sleeve

Centramax Epoxy Coating & Rebuild

Heavy duty epoxy coating comes in charcoal or red. Rebuild comes in brown. Both are available in one kilogram kit or one gallon kit.

Centramax Epoxy
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