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Hex Wrenches and Hex Bits

Hex Wrenches and Hex Bits

All hex wrenches and hex bits are made with hardened, heat treated steel.

Additional Options:
Sizes from 3/4" to 2 1/4" available. Metric sizes from 19mm to 55mm also available.

Hexes go by a lot of different names. The straight hexes are called hex bits, hex bit inserts, hex allen bits, hex allen stock, hex stock, allen stock, allen bits or allen inserts. The right-angled hexes are called hex wrenches, hex keys, allen wrenches, allen keys, hex allen wrenches, hex allen keys L-shaped wrenches and long-arm wrenches. We only carry large hex wrenches, large allen wrenches, jumbo hex wrenches, huge allen wrenches, giant hex wrenches and large hex keys. We do not carry smaller sizes because they are commonly available at other industrial supply outlets. Ask us about hard to find hex keys and hard to find hex stock sizes. We typically carry the long arm wrenches, not the short arm variety. Our hex bits are usually 12" long, but we do have some shorter and longer lengths available. Hex wrenches & bits are used on GE turbines and other industrial applications.

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