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Electric Bolt Heaters

Electric Bolt Heater

Used to preheat large, hollow holding bolts or studs where a high concentration of heat is critical for bolt expansion in a short time. Manufactured with a high watt density, they heat up in just a few minutes, resulting in cost savings on reduced man hours removing nuts from bolts and studs. Large bolts can be heated to full expansion in just a few minutes.

The hole diameter should be as close to heater diameter as possible, but within approximately 1/16 (.062) clearance for insertion applications. Close tolerance permits maximum heat transfer and prolonged heater life. Bolt Heaters come without plugs, but plugs can be added if requested

Additional Options:
Sizes for electric bolt heaters include: .250, .313", .375, .394, .438, .472", .500, .512", .531", .550, .625", .669", .688, .750", .787, .938, .984", 1, and 1.250.

Special boltheater customizations are available for non-turbine applications such as pumps, valves and generators. Ask us for more information.

Note: We keep a few sizes of electric bolt heaters in stock, but most of them are made to order. If you need a Bolt Heater right away, consider a Gas Bolt Heater. They cannot be used in every application, but the sizing is more universal and they are always in stock.

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