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Shipman Bolt Cleaners

Bolt Cleaner Sockets ID Brushes
Bolt Cleaner Sockets ID Brushes

Shipman Bolt cleaners provide a portable way to clean your studs. This new concept will allow you to save 90% of your labor time on cleaning and removing dirty bolts and pipes. Just attach the bolt cleaners to a low RPM inch cordless or electric drill. You will never need a wire brush again! At the same time, the patented brush system increases surface area contact providing a cleaner end product. Sandblasting leaves scars. Chemicals are messy. And bench grinding takes too long.

These sockets are designed to work at a slow RPM (Max RPM is 500) and are much safer then the alternatives. Each set comes with six (6) sockets, 4 inches deep in a strong water tight and airtight container allowing you to clean from to 3 in diameter. Individual sockets are available if you don't require a set. There is a lifetime warranty on the sockets. All bolt cleaners and replacement brushes are kept in stock.

Additional Options:
We also have an ID Tool to clean the inside diameter. All sizes of ID Nut Cleaners and OD Stud Cleaners are available up to 6". Most brushes are steel or brass, but we also carry nylon brushes for areas of higher sensitivity (such as nuclear plants). Close tolerance sockets are also available. Customization options are available. If you have a special requirement, let us know and we'll see what we can do.

If you would like to see a demonstration video of the Bolt Cleaners,
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Bolt cleaners, also referred to as brush cleaners, pipe cleaners, stud cleaners, nut cleaners, thread cleaners, shipman cleaners, electric bolt cleaners or industrial bolt cleaners are used for cleaning rusty bolts, cleaning rusty studs and cleaning rusty nuts. They work exceptionally well in a short amount of time.

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